It all started in Italy, in beautiful Tuscany, with my adventure teacher Simone.

Once I finished my university degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, I had the opportunity to travel to Italy and be able to work on what I liked so much, what so called and fulfilled me: NATURE.

Simone was the one who gave me the opportunity, the one who accompanied me and taught me first-hand what the mountain guide profession was like. Although most of the time we guided groups for canyoning activities, we also did hiking, trekking, mountain biking or various activities for school groups.

Let’s go back in time and start from the beginning. And by the way, before I forget, my name is Javi.

A fan and practitioner of Basque hand ball since I was little and for many years, little by little my paths took a different direction in which, leaving this sport a little more aside, I began to lean towards the mountains. Thus, I began to practice different disciplines in the mountains: mountain biking, hiking, climbing, canyoning, snowboarding… and what began to be an attraction, ended up being a very important part of my life.

After my experience in Italy I decided to train to be a mountain guide, where in the end I chose Aragonese training to begin my learning path. I have been working several seasons in the Sierra de Guara as a canyon guide, so I can say that the pre-Pyrenees and the Pyrenees area is my second home, my “summer home”.

This has led me to already have a certain experience, to meet many people and to visit many places in different places in the Pyrenees, Italy, France, the Balearic Islands or Portugal, including the island of Madeira, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, etc.

After spending several years as a Physical Education and Biology teacher in ESO and Baccalaureate, and although I currently still work as a teacher, I feel the need to take the leap to give shape to this idea that had been around me for a few years: my little project of adventure and teaching. Because yes, because my goal is to continue mixing the two areas in the same place, guiding and teaching; guide while teaching, but this time, in nature.

I look forward to accompanying you in the activity you prefer! See you in the mountains! 😀


  • Graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.
  • Master in High School Teaching, Vocational Training and Language Teaching.
  • TD2 Canyoning Sports Technician.
  • TD2 Mountain Sports Technician.
  • Leisure monitor titulation.
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