Do you like canyoning, are you a canyoner and/or would you like to start doing this type of activities autonomously and safely? You have come to the perfect place to start your learning path!

At Ipar Adventure we will help you achieve it! It is important to know how to read nature well to anticipate what may happen and make good and wise decisions to avoid surprises. It has nothing to do with going down a cliff in any way or always trying to choose the best option at each step and knowing and understanding what we do, and above all, why we do it.

Always guided and supervised by a sports technician in Canyoning, as well as already having experience in Education as a High School teacher, we will advise and train you with empathy, closeness and professionalism.

In these courses we will be able to address different topics related to Canyoning, such as progression techniques, rope management techniques, handrails, diverters, safety and much more!

If you have more questions about this type of courses, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about it!



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