Do you like the mountains, do you usually go on routes but are you tired of doing the same old ones? Don’t you feel confident enough to venture into new paths and places in case you get lost? And if I don’t turn back, what if the fog comes in and then I’m left without knowing where I came from?

Are you new to the world of hiking and want to learn how to navigate the mountains safely?

Often the lack of confidence and/or the lack of technical aspects in the world of orienteering causes us to miss out on a number of possibilities and spectacular mountain routes, from the simplest to the most technical.

If you are one of the people who has ever asked yourself one of the questions mentioned above and want to improve in this area, walk and progress autonomously, safely and calmly in the mountains, from Ipar Adventure I will help you with it!!

No matter how easy a hiking trail may seem, things go well, if everything goes well. There are many external factors that we cannot control but we can manage them if we know how to make good decisions.

It is important to feel safe in the mountains and therefore, good training is the basis for being able to progress safely in the mountains.

Always guided and supervised by a sports technician in Mountain, as well as already having experience in Education as a High School teacher, I will advise you and transmit from empathy, closeness and professionalism.

If you have any questions or concerns about this type of courses, do not hesitate to contact me! Go ahead and start discovering new places, the forest is full of incredible trails!


Please don´t hesitate to contact me!

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