At Ipar Adventure we have extensive experience in Education, since we have worked in different schools as teachers in the ESO and Baccalaureate stages.

Therefore, we know how important it is today for students to leave school and enjoy the natural environment. In these times, it also seems that new technologies/the famous ICT invade them and they do not separate themselves from digital screens. , either at school or in their daily life outside of it.

We are also aware that more and more is demanded from Education, where there is hardly time for the most important things and the high pace of work today means that you cannot stop to assess, evaluate, manage and decide well the possible outings that are organized throughout the year.

For this reason, at Ipar Adventure we manage all these aspects related to school outings and we leave everything tied up, so that from the school center you only have to call or contact us, explain to us what your idea is… and we get down to it! the work! Having experienced from within the problems that exist, we want to help you so that you can continue making interesting, fun and enriching outings for your students!

We offer you a couple of options in terms of activities in nature, but we want to make you aware that if you have a different proposal to do it in this environment or you want in some way to complete this type of outings with the contents requested in the Curriculum, Let us know and we will help you shape your idea!

Orieenting initiation

Interpretative hiking

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