Coasteering is another type of adventure activity, a variant of hiking in which we’ll have to traverse a coastal stretch on foot while combining different activities such as swimming, jumping, climbing, descending, or even passing through small passages.

It’s a highly enjoyable activity for group outings, suitable for families, groups of friends, or couples. Set against an unparalleled backdrop, the coastal area of the town of Hondarribia, this activity will leave us anything but indifferent.

Under the watchful gaze of the Higuer Lighthouse, we’ll pass by the mouth of the Bidasoa River and beneath the slopes of Mount Jaizkibel, all the while relishing in this beautiful coastal landscape.


Out of all the activities we offer, this one is undoubtedly the most temperamental. Specific conditions must be met for this activity to take place, and multiple factors need to align in our favor to ensure its safe and secure execution.

Since it’s a sea-related activity, not only does the rainy weather play a direct role, but we must also take into account the maritime forecast: the wind, waves, and tides. Therefore, there are four factors to consider, and they won’t always be in our favor.

This dependence on numerous factors makes it unique and special. If we’re fortunate enough to have all these factors align, we can enjoy a magnificent day!

However, if they don’t work in our favor—especially if we’ve booked this activity well in advance—there’s a possibility that we might have to change plans and opt for another proposed activity. But remember, any change is made with the safety of the group as the top priority.

* Wearing a life jacket is mandatory.


Place: Hondarribia (Guipúzcoa)

Season: april- october

Difficulty: Beginner- Intermediate level (adjustable route)

  • Máx. jump (opcional): 6-8 m (depending on the tide)

Duration: Aproach 5’/ Water 2h 30′- 3h/ Return: 5′

Neccesary equipment/ material

  • Swimsuit
  • Trekking shoes or mountain boots in good condition with non-worn out soles
  • 1 liter of water per person and some snacks


  • Ability to swim
  • Minimum age: 8 years old
  • Moderate physical fitness to be able to complete the route through uneven terrain



  • Starting from 39 euros


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